Refrigerator Brand Reviews

Consumers have to contend with many different types of refrigerators which are offered in the market today, since there is such a wide selection of refrigerator and freezer types and models available.  They are manufactured by a multitude of appliance brands and companies – ranging from premium brands like Sub-Zero down to your common Frigidaire models.

You would think that choosing a refrigerator model for your household would be easy, but there are some factors that you need to consider in order to narrow down your choices. With all the different brands and stores which offer fairly priced refrigerators which are almost alike, it is hard to determine which are the best refrigerator brands for you to purchase.

One way to determine which refrigerator model is best for your kitchen is by reading up on different refrigerator reviews. A good refrigerator review provides information to the consumer such as information about features, refrigerator size and their various pros and cons.  They will also give information about whether or not they are cheap refrigerators, or overpriced.

As a user, you should have a clear idea of what you want in a refrigerator unit such as its size and dimensions, with this information you can narrow down the list. After determining these factors you can then check out the different models on offer which meet your requirements.

Since refrigerator reviews compare and contrast different refrigerator units against each other, it makes it easier for you to find the best refrigerator for your particular situation. These reviews also provide actual feedback from different consumers who have used specific refrigerator models so that possible buyers will have a better idea of the unit’s functionality and efficiency.

Reading refrigerator reviews and consumer reports can definitely help many hopeful refrigerator buyers. Smart consumers read a few different reports and studies before purchasing anything so that they are able to make informed decisions when buying a new refrigerator unit.


The Importance of Refrigerator Size

Different refrigerator brands offer different refrigerator dimensions for different kitchen needs. Units may vary in terms of width, height and depth; as well as storage capacity.

When buying a fridge freezer, it is best to consider the size of the refrigerator you need since if you purchase the wrong appliance you may find it to be too small or too big for your kitchen. Different refrigerator sizes mean different storage capacity as well, which is another factor you need to consider.

There are three general refrigerators that are offered in the market today. There are compact or mini refrigerators, standard refrigerators and large sized refrigerator units.

Compact Refrigerator Sizes

Compact or mini refrigerators are ideal for households with small kitchens. They are great space optimizers and can fit in small nooks and corners such as under the kitchen counter or bar. These relatively cheap refrigerators are preferred by many college students who stay in campus dormitories as well. Despite their small size, they are compact so that the storage space can be greatly maximized. They can also be used as portable refrigerators which can be used outdoors.

Standard Refrigerator Dimensions

Standard refrigerators on the other hand, are the regular free standing top freezer units. They are ideal for small to mid sized families because they have a freezer and fridge compartment in one unit, however, the freezer compartment id considerably smaller and would not be enough to hold many frozen items.

Large Refridgerators

Luckily, there are many large sized refrigerator units that are available in the market today. These units include the top refrigerator/bottom freezer units which are almost similar to the standard fridge/freezer units only they have the freezer in the bottom instead and the compartments are a bit bigger. There are also side by side refrigerators which are fridge/freezers as well that are placed side by side of each other.  Premium brands such as Sub-Zero refrigerators are frequently sold in these large sizes.

These three refrigerator types are the general classification of units based on there sizes. Of course, to get a better and more accurate dimensions and measurements, you would have to read on the brand’s refrigerator size guide first so that you know which would best fit your kitchen.


Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

If you have questions about Sub-Zero refrigerator prices you are not alone.  The manufacturer of Sub Zero fridge freezers does a very good job of keeping that knowledge need to know only.

The first thing you need to know about Subzero prices is that they are not cheap refrigerators.  It is possible to spend $15000 or more on purchasing your new Subzero appliance.  Clearly these devices are only for the well heeled, and buyers on a budget will want to look at other brands of lower priced refrigerators.

Given this high sub zero pricing, potential buyers must ask themselves is Sub Zero is the best refrigerator brand for them?  PRO48 Subzero refrigerator reviews in general indicate this is a quality and robust appliance, and that why you may pay a lot to purchase one of these models you do get a lot of great features when you do so.

Sub zero parts can be pretty expensive, so if you do purchase one of these units be sure to pay close attention to the warranty.  When having sub-zero repairs done only utilize authorized Sub-Zero dealers and maintenance crews to avoid nullifying your warranty coverage.

Thankfully the provided guarantee on the Sub Zero internals is quite good, so you should not have to pay for any replacement parts for your fridge freezer for some time.

Noone can doubt that Subzero is one of the prestigious brands available in the marketplace for people seeking a quality refrigeration solution for their homes kitchen.  If Sub Zero refrigerators prices don’t scare you off, then purchase one of these fine units today!


Discount Refrigerator

In any kitchen showroom or appliance display you are presented with a barrage of discount refrigerator.  Customers purchasing a new refrigerator will find such places potentially overwhelming. Here are some tips for navigating the maze of buying a cheap refrigerator.

Buying a discount fridge doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice in terms of quality and reliability – many brands and manufacturers of refrigerators have inexpensive refrigerators.  Even leading brands – except for firms like Sub-Zero refrigeration – have lower priced models so as to be able to compete with their competitors.

The question that’s often raised when it comes to shopping for discounted refrigerators has always been about the quality of the refrigerators themselves.  To answer any such query, you only have to choose a brand with a reputation for quality.

Some of the best refrigerator brands are the ones – unsurprisingly – with the best reputations. Refrigerator reviews of cheap fridge freezers can be an invaluable guide in selecting quality but inexpensive models of this type.

When buying discounted refrigerators that are not – i.e. refurbished, dented or scratched – make sure that everything is still intact.  Buying a Kenmore fridge for instance, you have to make sure the necessary storage shelves are all in place, and ensure the Kenmore refrigerator manual is there in case you need to refer to it later on.  Most importantly, you have to make sure the fridge still works as expected as your return options may be limited.

Just because a certain brand of refrigerator or a retail appliance outlet announces that there’s going to be price discounts in their showroom doesn’t mean that you have rush in and buy a new fridge impulsively.

While great deals such as this are good opportunities to buy the best fridges at such low prices, don’t forget that you still have to assess and evaluate each and every refrigerator in that showroom to know if they are wise investments.  Low price is not enough reason to buy a fridge, it also has to be useful and complementary to how you store and preserve your food.

GE Refrigerators Reviewed

GE Refrigerators are basic appliances in many household because of the great job they do in preserving food. Without a quality refrigerator, food preservation would be a problem since the other methods of preserving food are more inconvenient and impractical; and when it comes to domestic refrigerators, one of the best brands available is GE.

GE or General Electric was founded by one of the greatest inventors in history, Thomas Edison. He is most well known for inventing the light bulb, but Thomas Edison’s ventures did not just stop there. His company –  originally General Electric Co – is now a popular brand across the country. They are been in the business of producing and manufacturing many different types of domestic appliances, but are very well known for their fridge freezers.

At one time refrigerators were synonymous with GE, and they were the number one refrigerator company in the US. Almost every household has had a GE refrigerator freezer at some point in time, and they have a reputation for being one of the best refrigerator brands.

Even after so many years, GE is still one of the top brands when it comes to refrigerators. Their long experience in the market has provided them with a good understanding of consumers’ needs.  Even some high end customers who could afford to pay Sub-zero refrigerator prices prefer the models GE has on offer.
Amongst the best appliances offered by GE are their Monogram series. GE Monogram refrigerators feature trendy and sleek designs, and come fully loaded with all sorts of great features..

In a GE monogram refrigerator the firm uses only the best processes and technology. Aside from the basic fridge-freezer features we are all familiar with, they have many more add-ons that make them more efficient and convenient.

For example, they now have features like water and ice dispensers that are not commonly seen in older models; and the designs of the refrigerators themselves have also been updated. They are no longer limited to standard free-standing outright fridge-freezers.  Now they offer side by side refrigerators, refrigerators with bottom freezers, under counter refrigerators and many others. And each of these units are designed such that they have cleaner and more contoured lines which make them more contemporary and modern, perfect for any professional and commercial kitchen.

GE refrigerator prices while not cheap, are not too high, and many consider them a great value for money at a medium price point.